iCareer Ltd; Assisting Students with their Job Search in NZ

International students have a variety of dreams, expectations, fears, concerns, frustrations, disappointments, and successes. Their lives are complex, sometimes difficult, and combine a range of educational, psychological and social experiences. International students in New Zealand are on sojourn and in transit. They arrive with a variety of expectations from a variety of sources.

Their initial period of contact will significantly affect their perceptions of New Zealand and New Zealanders thereafter: friendship and hospitality offered to them will engender positive experiences. We at iCareer make sure we give our clients (the students) a support that they can count on and feel satisfied about.

For the students of Cornell Institute of Business & Technology, Auckland; at iCareer
  • We provide with proactive care
  • We articulate and address expectations
  • We provide with accurate and timely information
  • We assist with employment opportunities
    Raj Singh
    Employment Consultant
    iCareer Ltd (division of Cornell Institute of Business & Technology, Auckland)


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