Cover Letter (Part 4): An Example

Based on all our previous discussions on Cover Letters in Part 1 to 3; here is an example letter that I would like to share with you.

  • Read the job description below
  • Understand the content and tone of the job advertisement
  • See for yourself if the cover letter makes some sense for you. 

Job Advertisement on 
Exceptional PHP Web Developer "ninja" Required

If you worked for us, THIS is what you would have done last month:
  • Had a good laugh every day at the expense of one of us
  • Filled the water cooler at least once
  • Worked on web services integration to a clients online CRM platform
  • Implemented a complex CMS solution for 2 new major sites
  • Torn your hair out over an old legacy piece of software we developed a long time ago and still need to maintain
  • Solved a number of technical issues for us and our customers
  • Reviewed 1 site by another developer and made a list of amends to happen before release
  • Reviewed potential new technologies or systems to better meet specific client needs
  • Assisted our account managers with development questions
  • Worked late at few times
  • Answered the phone 16 times
  • Taught yourself some new skills and had a few beers on a Friday!
Please DO APPLY if:
  • You are TRUELY passionate about web and web development
  • You have at least 2 years commercial PHP development experience and a body of work to show us
  • Web development isn't a job, its what you do and you are exceptional at it!
  • You have experience with a variety of Open Source web tools
  • You're down with modern coding acronyms like MVC, OOP or TGIF!
  • Your friends and co-workers love your awesomeness
  • You are able to self manage
  • You love to come up with better ways of doing things
  • You like to celebrate your successes
  • You want to work in a fun environment with great people
  • You want to be part of a great team and a great company!
Please DO NOT apply if:
  • Web development is JUST a hobby
  • You have no previous commercial experience
  • You're only interested in picking up a pay check
  • You can't get yourself to Grey Lynn, Auckland
  • You want to be just another employee and not a TEAM member
Why YOU would want to work for us
  • We have great clients
  • We do great work
  • We think outside the box
  • We have a great place to work
  • We have fun and are building a great company with great people
Like what you've read? Let's not muck around here. Get in contact!
Send your CV through to

Cover Letter
(**All the names, website addresses, email IDs, contact details have been protected for privacy)
(***Also check Part 1, 2 & 3 on Cover Letters in my previous posts)

Feel free to ask me your questions or post your comments.

Raj Singh
Employment Consultant
iCareer Ltd


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