Cover Letter (Part 6): Another Example

The idea behind sharing this cover letter with you is to show you  that when it comes to creativity:

Don't be sacred to stretch your limits!!!

Given below is the Job Advertisement that appeared on a job board here in New Zealand.

Java Developer
IT & Technology : Developer (Full time)

A six month contract has become available with an immediate start for an exceptional Java developer the successful applicant will be completing front end development on a Web Interface project.

We are looking for applicants with:

- Significant development experience in the Java space

- A person who prides themselves on the highest quality of software writing

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals, for further information on this role or a confidential discussion on permanent and contract opportunities in the development space please contact SB on (09) 000 0000 or

Location: Auckland City 

Here is the Cover Letter


  • The candidate has let loose his creativity in this cover letter
  • Advertisement specifically asked for someone who prides themselves with code writing; the candidate wrote a static & dynamic code on this cover letter
  • Observe the greeting message in the code, "I'm an expert software code writer"
  • Of course the text box contents used in the letter could have been better but all in all I would say that this cover letter ends up ticking most of the boxes as discussed in Part 3

Feel free to reach me if you have any questions.

Raj Singh
Employment Consultant (IT & Business)
iCareer Ltd


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