Are you likable?

- Doctor, I have a problem. Everyone is ignoring me.
- Next! :)

It's an old joke, but do you know there's some truth in it?

Multiple studies have shown that doctors spend more time with patients they like. They ask them to come back more often for further check-ups.

And it doesn't stop here.

Judges or juries give lesser penalties to guilty parties that they like.
Students learn faster if they like their teachers.

Likability will get you further in anything you do.

People that are liked get better results, they are more successful, they are more popular, they are more happy... the list goes on and on.

So how can you convince people to like you?

You can't.

Being liked is not a forced action. It is an art.
It’s an art of understanding what people expect from you.

Follow these points and you will see yourself to be more likable.

  • Smile; It may seem to be a no brainer, but people forget to do it all the time
  • Good Listener; focus on being attentive & a responsive listener
  • Positive Attitude; stop being a cry baby
  • Ownership; take an ownership of your actions, stop giving excuses
  • Punctuality; respect others’ time
  • Don’t Trash Talk; never judge anyone and never ever trash talk about anything or anyone
  • LOL; don’t just use this phrase in your texts and your Facebook updates, lighten up, have a good laugh. LMAO
  • Ask for Advice; this shows you trust others and value their opinion
  • Gratitude & Compliment; be sincerely thankful and give genuine compliments
  • Learn & Improve; let you today be always better than yesterday

Remember, authenticity will always separate you from those who are manipulative. If you do all this for the sake of it or if you try to fake it, results will always be less than what you would expect.

Raj Singh
Employment Consultant


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