New Zealand is Pathetic!!

Ya, we all know John F. Kennedy once said "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

I know as an international student coming to New Zealand, you might feel,

“What’s there in it for me?” Or
“I mean, why should I even consider what John said, I am not in the US…?” Or
“John..??? Who is this John guy???” Or
“Man… I have got so much to worry about in my life and here we are talking about John!!”

Guys, I am not here to give you some lessons on patriotism using what John F. Kennedy said after winning his presidential elections in the US in the year 1961 but yes, I would like to use this famous quote from his speech as a backdrop to explain one common personality trait that has been observed in all those international students who struggle to get what they aspired for in their careers.

They all know… and without doubt… they know what they WANT
It’s a shame that none of them know what needs to be GIVEN

I am addressing to all those who are constantly struggling to get a “desired job”. It’s not about ‘A Job’ it’s ‘The Job’. ‘The Job’ that can help them with their work visas and finally their permanent residencies

They want work visas they want permanent residencies
They don’t ask these hard hitting questions to themselves

·         Can you hold a meaningful conversation with someone on the phone and in-person?
·         Agreed that you don’t have an experience; can you impress someone with your technical knowledge & expertise?
·         Can you synchronize your transferable skills to the job description; assuming you know your skills?
·         Do you have your ‘elevator pitch’; assuming you know what it is?
·         How many industry professional have you met outside your college? How many relationships and references have you created while you were studying? Do you have a mentor?
·         Do you know all the resources available with majority of them being free of cost and the networking events here in NZ that can enhance your knowledge base? If you know them, how many have you used and attended?

Strugglers are always like ‘Cry-babies’
Everything and everyone around them is bad, wrong, dirty, cheap… keep adding… the list goes on!!!

“NZ is the most pathetic place!!! I’ve got nothing from here :-(

Ya, I got this just last week from one of our enlightened student. God bless him!!

God bless him with the courage to ask these questions to himself and the wisdom to understand and implement the answers otherwise NZ undoubtedly is going to be a nightmare for him!

I know strugglers hate me!! There…I said it!!

Because I don’t allow you to hide behind your excuses; I know I am a tough task-master!!
I would rather see you hate me than being unsuccessful with what you came here to achieve

After reading this even if one from that category can change the course of their professional career or even if one of the new students can escape getting into the trap of struggle; I’ll be happy. Doesn’t bother me a bit if you hate me!!!

I am here to guide you and show you the right path, gotto be tough with you if I have to. I am not here to win your love and friendship. If I can help you get what you want, love, friendship and respect will follow!!

Feel free to talk to me you ‘Haters’ :-) Beware, I do bite!!



  1. I do have skills i opted seek,sjs and even decided to work for irrelevant jobs too.I even attended and suceeded in couple of interviews.but the final thing is to get an IT desired domain job you need a full work visa for irrelevant jobs my profile will be High qualified.In this situation what to do? i even contacted almost top recruiting agencies in Auckland the final answer i got is " we dont deal with Student visa's and Part time jobs".I have Enough Skills and courage and keen to work.could you please suggest the ways you know in finding a software testing part-time job paid or volunteer.

    1. It's frustrating when you experience a total mismatch between what you want and what you get!! Here are few of my suggestions A) Set your expectation right: It's not about you not getting a part-time role. Question here is how many part-time roles are available in the market? Even if there are few jobs advertised, does the work time clash with your college time? Do you drive in NZ? Do you have a car? I am assuming you've been in NZ for not more than a year and that brings me to my second suggestion B) Patience: I know it's difficult being in the place where nothing's happening as you've planned!! Hold-the-fort brother. Just wait for the right time. Finish your studies and then expect to start a full-time IT role. Now, what should you do till the time you don't get what you want? Suggestion C) Focussed efforts: Remember no job is irrelevant in NZ. The job that you are doing today might have no relevance to your field but at least it's helping you cover your expenses and exposing you to the Kiwi working environment. Till the time you don't finish your studies or don't get the desired role, try reaching out to as many people as you can, build relationships, ask for suggestions from your industry's leaders, find a mentor, gather market intel, create references and trust me there are ways of doing all this!! And give me one good reason that a top recruiter should work for you.. Why? Last but not the least Suggestion D) I am happy that you've shared your comments on my blog. Not many migrants have the guts to do that. However, my suggestion here is don't come across as someone who is frustrated, angry, discriminated or dissatisfied. Ask for suggestions with a positive frame of mind. I would be keen on seeing what have you done so far? What are you capable of? What have you done to reach those Software Houses in NZ? Do you know how many Software companies are there? How many Software Manager have you met personally? Ask the right questions with a right frame of mind.

      Hope that helps!!

  2. First , I agreed with Raj's article. Let me explain about my experience in NZ.
    When I came here with IT field, many students told me that I am stupid and I will not get job at all in IT. And they also feel I am fool because I was only focus on my study not looking for any hard job. But they don't know that my focus is not only money or PR. I want to do my field job thats it. I never loose my confident in myself. I have faced many many failure in my IT career since I was in India. Guys, After I finished my study I know its really tough to get IT job in NZ because there are few peoples who want to hire you and and many many skills students want that job. My luck and my hard work help me and I got a job when even my visa going to expire soon. But I got a opportunity from one small IT company to prove myself and I god with me that time and I prove myself. I never ask for my visa help to my company and they provide me every help which I want without even knowing me they know only my skills. I never focus on PR or more money during my job. I am working in company from more than one year now. I am head of the my department.

    Moral of the story is Guys, Just focus on your study first if you really want to success in your own field. Don't point out any company or country if you are rejected or disappointed. Many times its not country or company mistake. Its from our side.
    I interview many indian student for my company but many of them not focusing on skill what we are looking from them. They just focus on PR and work permit. Guys you will get automatic everything what ever you want. You just have to be focus. As per my advice don't go for small short way for earning. Because that short income source stop you to grow more in your field. I am came from very middle class family so don't think that I don't need money thats why I did not do any job. I just tried to focus on my Path.

    I also understand there are many times students tried but not getting response just because of there visa status. But that you can overcome if you really have good skills and prove them. Don't apply big big companies if you really want to start your jobs because they never have time to think about you.

    This is my personal experience which I want to share you guys. Many people have different situations so don't take it as I am giving you advice. Thats just my experience.


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience This is a good motivation for the international students' community. Thanks again.

  3. hey there , good article ! something that i speak to myself when i am alone , or in front of a mirror but scared to accept it .
    I have done IT in networking from Palmerston North , did BCA before in india .
    Things were going pretty according to the plan till the course , and after that it took a drastic change . I did 2-3 cleaning jobs on free work visa for 6 months , but left the jobs and changed my city . Now i have only 4-5 months till my visa expires but i am only focussing on IT jobs , i am not gonna do that cleaning shit . I am not here for money , i want a classy lifestyle , a lifestyle which an IT job will give me .
    Whenevr i apply for any position online , its the same fucking automated reply . i dont even know if they even see my cv . Tried wasting money in everything - A.D singh Cv , friends of friends asking their boss for a position for me . NO USE !
    Lets see , wo kehte hai , jo hota hai , acche ke liye hota hai ! Sahi kehte hai ..
    If not , i will return back to india , with no regrets whatsoever coz i have lived these 2 years to the fullest . maybe i will work for a few years in india , gain some experience and try again !

    Cheers !


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