Tip # 1 | Top 5 tips for international students in NZ

How did you imagine yourself as an international student before you became one?
Partying? Studying? Or just walking on the campus carrying books with an awesome smile like you see on all the college advertisements?

Most of us have these fantasies. Thanks to movies, TV and advertisements!!

However, it is quite alarming to see how many students venture out to new unknown territories without appropriate planning. Sorry to break your dreams guys... This is no movie world!!!

Employers in NZ are looking for students who lead a balanced life, are resilient, and who can communicate. So, other than studying hard, in the series of 'Top #5 tips for international students in NZ', here is my Tip # 1

# Communication Skills

Ya...Ya... I know a lot has been said about it and you've heard everyone asking you to improve your communication skills, but here's how you should do it:

Remember, your classroom is one of the best places to improve your English speaking skills.

  • Ask questions
  • Be the first one to answer the questions asked by your lecturers
  • Contribute to the discussions in the class
  • Don't talk in your regional language even with your friends

Most of you are on Facebook; how about using it to your advantage?

  • Like Facebook pages of local news channels and other local TV stations.
  • Like all the current affairs programmes and progressive stores
  • Read the comments by locals on their posts
  • Start by liking the posts and slowly start commenting on the posts
  • Pick up the local style of communication
  • Click on this link to like Cornell's Facebook page

Most of you have a smart phone or at least a phone with a radio; use it!!

  • Listen to the local FM Radio stations
  • Repeat the words and try to pick up the local accent
  • More than speaking this is an excellent exercise that will help you in comprehension 

Change the language of your emails & computer to English

  • It is surprising to receive your emails with names in Korean, Chinese or Japanese
  • Use dictionary and thesaurus for a meaning, synonym and antonym of a word
  • Create a new email ID on a local NZ domain (like yahoo.co.nz )  

Good old newspaper; how often do you read it?

  • Read the newspaper!! No, you don't have to buy it. Read it on-line.
  • Read it loud; don't be shy
  • Hey, all you room-mates... come on guys.. just 2 minutes each.. take turns!! And do this every day. 

The top most transferable skill employers are looking for is your communication skills. Click on this  link to check other skills. Feel free to share this tip with your friends. Tip # 2 following soon.

Raj Singh


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