Tip # 4 | Top 5 tips for international students in NZ

"You can't get a job...if you don't have a reference!!"

You must have heard this statement time and time again from people around you forcing you to question the way the NZ employment market works... Right?

I am new in NZ and I don't know anyone here. Until and unless I don't get a chance to work for someone how and where do I get a work reference from? How do you expect me to know someone in the company I am applying for? I can get a job only if my friend can refer me to the employer where he or she is working... Right?


Agreed that having other professional speak on your behalf as a reference is an important and critical part of a job search but using your being new in the country and lack of references as an excuse for not getting a job is totally unacceptable.


Because references can be created!!

Amongst various social media platforms available; you've heard of the big three, 'LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook'... Right?

A. How many of you are on all these platforms?
B. How many of you know how to use these platforms to your advantage?

I haven't seen many of you on Twitter and those who are aren't active. I am glad that many of you have started using LinkedIn, unfortunately though only a handful of you are using this exceptional professional platform the way it should be used and almost all of you are on Facebook.

Aha...!! Facebook...what an incredible platform...instant sharing of information, chatting, finding school/college friends, any time entertainment, boredom killer and now available on your mobile phones... WOW!! Most of us use Facebook for our personal networking however, I fail to understand pictures (selfies) from some of you almost everyday in mirrors all across the public toilets here in Auckland or a picture squeezing your face mercilessly for no reason on a 'public' privacy setting!!


Did you know that your prospective employers can look at your Facebook profiles? No, the discussion here is not whether it is right or wrong!! But they CAN and more often than not they DO!! Click on this link to understand how you are being judged.

Do you know all these platforms including Facebook can be used to build and develop relationships, learn and improve your understanding of the local working culture, promote and brand yourself in the employment market and finally bag the job you are looking for?


There's enough information on the internet showing you why and how to use these platforms. However, the smart ones amongst you know how to optimally utilise the available resources through these social media channels to keep abreast with the latest and connect with Who's Who of their industry. They know how to learn and fit into the local working culture, they don't take much time to develop their relationships by following the golden rule of networking, "Always offer to help and never expect anything is return!!"

Come and talk to me if you are interested in getting a personalised social media map. Remember what works for one of you might not work for other, what works for you today might be ineffective tomorrow. So, you are expected to develop and evolve your plan. Keeping the objective in mind I will identify your strengths, help you define your critical success factors, and create an effective action plan that will help you achieve your professional goals.

See you!!

Raj Singh


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