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Discipline is the key to success - this saying hold true for all people of all age groups. But for international students who are new in the country, away from their friends and families, it holds a great value. Sorry I might sound like your parent but in our series of 'Top 5 tips for international students in NZ', here is Tip # 5

#5 Lead a disciplined life

International students often find themselves in difficult waters while making that transition to the more independent learning schedules required at the tertiary institutes / universities here in NZ as compared to their previous study. Students are expected to take the responsibility of their own learning, to be more self-directed, to make decisions about what they will focus on and how much time will they spend on learning both inside and outside of a classroom.

Coming from a study environment where they are used to more support and direction and even 'parent like' relationship with their teachers to a self-learning, self-directing and a decision making environment, students end up reacting in two different ways when faced with this transition. Smart and sensible reaction is to acknowledge the need to play an active role in their own learning that would require greater self-motivation, organisation and discipline and other reaction is to resort to an immature  behaviour where an environment of self-learning and absence of parental check and no immediate supervision feels like prized freedom leading them to undisciplined ways directly affecting their studies, grades and career.

From a different point of view discipline doesn't mean you can't have fun in your life. We all need time for fun and entertainment, but there must a balance between work and play and sensibility and common sense should prevail while making decisions.

Here are few questions you might want to answer!!

  • What are you trying to prove by getting into excessive smoking and drinking?
  • Is it acceptable for you to have 4 to 5 late night outs in  a week?
  • Good that your weekend starts on a Friday evening, but why does it go until Monday or Tuesday evening?
  • What is your excuse for sleeping till 11.00 am or well till the afternoon of a week day?
  • Why have you been missing your classes? Why is your attendance not around 90% plus mark?
  • Why aren't you regular at your work, if you have work that is?
  • How can you miss your appointments / interviews? Why aren't you punctual?
  • When was the last time you did your laundry? Are you concious of your personal hygiene?

Or is this freedom, 'the so called free life' becoming too much for you to digest and swallow?

I know self-discipline is not an easy task it takes a lot of courage!! Pleasures and passions are all around us and when things get tough or different it is very easy to get defocused. Remember guys, it is your discipline that helps you remain focused and gives you an enormous advantage in your life. What you choose to focus on when you are left on your own will determine everything. Right choices and decisions will help you accomplish your dreams and I reckon you are matured enough to understand what is right for you.

Be disciplined.

Raj Singh


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