Recruiters don’t talk to me!!?? (sob…sob…sigh…sigh…)

Wow…Is that your best excuse for struggling to get into employment?? 

If yes, sob…sob…sigh…sigh actually suits you.

Come to think of it…if recruiters are not talking to you, may be you don’t know how to work with them or it may simply be that you’re not suited for the jobs you’re applying for and you are a little paranoid having that extreme and irrational fear or distrust on them. Whatever the reason you can’t make this an excuse for your struggle.

Nah…I am not going to talk about who’s right and who’s wrong. Enough has been said about what makes you a great candidate and what the characteristics of a good recruiter are. All I am interested in is asking you is this ONE question.

You going through a recruiter; is that the only channel available for you to get into your desired role? Candidates who don’t get placed by recruiters, don’t get jobs…right?


You would’ve seen candidates who were continuously getting rejected by recruiters finding jobs. I can share many success stories where candidates bypassed the recruiters and got in front of the hiring manager who had the need and the budget to approve their applications.

I know how difficult it is to get rejection after rejection on your job applications and it’s frustrating not to know what to do. My suggestions:

  • Identify your weaknesses and negate them as much as you can
  • Know your strengths and amplify them
  • Be visible, be find-able and have a personality
  • Reach the HIRING MANAGER directly

 Feel free to talk to me on how you can do that. Different things work for different people.

And of course pls have realistic expectation from recruiters. They are not your mentors, it’s not their job to teach you how to find a job. Their job is to source the best candidate available in the market for their client and in this instance ‘unfortunately’ you are not the right match

Sob…sob…sigh…sigh!! O... Come on now... Stop crying for god's sake.


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