Trump has lost!!

Many people across the globe were prepared to hear this statement this 11/9. Some of them wanted it to happen and many from the institutionalised / establishment wings including the well-known media houses and media personalities concluded well in advance that Trump has no chance what-so-ever.

“Trump will lose”, they said.

Before we go any further, I want to get one thing clear with all you readers, this is not a political post, it’s not a pro-politician or an anti-media post or vice-a-versa. I am not here to discuss who’s the epitome of all DC corruption and who’s racist / sexist and since the results are in, I am not even interested in talking about how will he fare as a President or whether he will make America great again. My heartiest congratulations to him and I wish he works with and for everyone.

I want to look at Trump as a job-seeker who applied for a job in which he had no experience and against all odds got what he aimed for. How did that happen and what did we learn from him?

Let people says what they want to say, you do what needs to be done.
Don’t let anything affect you negatively, just take it in your stride and move on. Focus on your day-to-day activity. Give no excuses when it comes to doing what needs to be done even if it means working 24x7.

Let people underestimate you.
When people underestimate, it gives you a huge opportunity to work without a lot of fanfare to build a strong base in whatever you are doing. This is just as true when you are in your job search.

Be consistent, confident and take a stand.
Consistency allows for measurement creating an accountability which ultimately helps you maintain your message. Deliver your ideas with utmost confidence and don’t have a wobbly head.

Know your strengths and play the game per them.
Understand who you are and play the game per your strengths. Who says the weak can’t win? 

Surprise everyone.
With what you do and what you say; of course, it can be done in a positive and constructive way as well.

It’s not over till it’s over.
Wait things out. You need not always have a solution. Don’t stop thinking, don’t stop trying. Eventually things will fall in place. Lie low if you must but with your head held high.

Remember you might be somebody’s Trump.
You might believe in the silliest thing is the world and be the most ignorant person in the room. So always account for that possibility, be grounded, listen, accept that you can be wrong and be flexible.   

Imagine the satisfaction of having the last laugh. As a job seeker, you have the choice to do the same. What have you learnt from Trump? 


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