Zero + Zero = Zero!!

We have heard this phrase countless times in different shapes and forms, “Nothing plus Nothing equals Nothing”, “Nil and Naught are never sought”, “Zip and Duck Always Suck”, “Santa ke saath Banta? Babaji ka ghanta!” I am sorry the last one is in Hindi, it’s a wee bit naughty and it’s R18 but they all mean the same. If nothing is added with nothing the result will always be nothing, méiyǒu, rien, nichts, amugeosdo, kahore…. NOTHING!

On the other hand, research shows we are attracted to people who look like us, behave like us, who have a similar personality type and we even tend to gravitate towards those who share our level of education. It’s true. You come to think of it what happens when you walk into a gym the very first time after you have decided to get into shape?

Every step is a bit tentative, it’s so easy to get intimidated looking at those big bulky hulks pumping iron, sweating and grunting out loud. You look at their arms, legs and chest and you give a peek at yours in the mirror next to you with a silent OMG and a sigh. You are constantly mapping the whole gym like a hawk and gazing every nook and corner and all you see are sweaty, active, heated bodies spread all over. No one is giving you an eye contact and couple of hulks who looked at you; you took your eyes off them. Then suddenly right in one of the corners of the gym you see a guy, almost like you, working with very light weights and using the dumbbells in a way that he shouldn’t hurt them. He is not loud at all and looks just like you. Without even realising, you start walking towards him, after reaching his station you wait for the first eye contact. As soon as you have that, you smile and introduce yourself and it’s very likely that you will make friends with him and you might also end up asking him what days and times does he come to the gym so you can come at the same time and both of you can work out together.

Guess what, only 2 out of every 100 rookies will have the courage to walk up to the biggest man or the fittest lady in the gym and request their attention. These 2 people are mentally and physically prepared to give what it takes. They will be disciplined, sincere and always willing to learn and listen to their newly found idols. They know if they want to be like their idols, going to someone who is just like themselves will not be helpful.

Using the same numbers and example in the case of job search, here’s the story of rest of the 98 migrant job seekers out of 100. Ok, the number is a bit exaggerated, let’s bring in down to 80.

80 out of 100 migrant job seekers are following and taking advice from their mates, roommates, college mates, mates of mates, who are travelling in the same boat as them and hoping that some miracle will happen from somewhere and they will be able to achieve their goals, which in this case is getting ‘the job’. But remember, “0+0=0”

Just in case if you’re wondering what happens to the rest of 18 out of 100 migrant job seekers. They are the ones who don’t need anyone. They are fully prepared, determined and they have their strategies in place. They are quick to adapt and adopt. They hit the gym named ‘employment market’ and get what they want in time and in style.

Moral of the story: Even if you think you are a zero, find a ‘something’ for yourself and the equation will become “Zero + Something = Something” otherwise it’s going to be a “Zero + Zero = Zero” always.


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